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Sustainable Manufacturing

Focused on issues relating to product and service creation through economically valid processes that reduce negative environmental impacts to a minimum while preserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable production also improves the safety of employees, communities and products.

ReferentE Industriale

Luca Donelli 

Donelli Alexo



ReferentE Ricerca

Enrico Cagno 

Politecnico di Milano




  1. Increasing operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste
  2. Integrating sustainability across all company functions
  3. Increasing the focus on the long term and on extended product lift time
  4. Protecting and strengthening brand and reputation and establishing a bond of trust with external stakeholders
  5. Building long-term profitability and success of companies
  6. Adhering to regulatory limits and making use of the opportunities offered by regulation



  1. To develop a system of industrial sustainability indicators (economic, environmental and social) for companies, groups, supply chains and districts
  2. To identify the factors and conditions that prevent the adoption of action to improve industrial sustainability and the incentives available to local government to stimulate this
  3. To develop circular economy models for supply chains and industrial districts
  4. To incentivise participation in research and development projects in the sector and to promote initiatives on a regional, national and European scale
  5. To expand regional advocacy activities around issues of industrial sustainability (interacting with regional bodies, perhaps through meetings and dialogues with those in charge of the departments for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development and Economic Development)
  6. To implement a process of integration as per the European Commission-sponsored Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) model, in order to bring stakeholders in the industrial system together and to guide research and innovation activities so that these translate into action in terms of operational technology transfer in the area.

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