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Smart Energy Systems

Focused on research promotion, development and production of generation systems and distribution of sustainable energy resources and technology for industry, consumers and public services.

Referenti Industriale

Nicola Budelli


Referenti Ricerca

Simona Binetti

Uni Bicocca

   Federico Cernuschi



  1. Production and distribution of conventional energy – decommissioning of nuclear plants, development of new technology and innovative systems for energy storage.
  2. Renewable energy – development of new technology and/or planning of technology systems for renewable energy sources, large-scale integration of energy production plants using different renewable sources, maintenance and repowering of plants with a focus on extended life time, financial performance of investment in renewable energy, development of new applications for biofuels.
  3. Smart Grids – commitment to making the electricity industry flexible enough to deal with the complexities of managing renewable resources, integrating electricity technology with IT and communications technology as part of a Smart City and Smart Metering approach (remote control of energy, gas, electricity and water distribution), encouraging the consumer proactiveness (consumer to prosumer), efficiency, transparency and more effective energy systems, illumination and infrastructure for electrical mobility.



  1. To accelerate development and broaden the field of application of new renewable energy technology in Lombardy, encouraging the launch of integrated, multi-disciplinary products and the diffusion of model cases. To encourage and support the planning of demonstrative, integrated action between industry, research and public administration to spread the maintenance and repowering of plants culture.
  2. To raise awareness and increase training activities for SMEs in relevant supply chains.

Smart Energy



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