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Green Building

Focused on the issue of sustainable building through reducing energy consumption to as close to zero as possible, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the minimum and using sustainable, recyclable materials as part of an integrated approach encompassing the entire life cycle of the building.

industrial spokesperson 

Regina De Albertis

Borio Mangiarotti




Giuliana Iannaccone 

Politecnico of Milan




  1. Development of sustainable construction materials and systems
  2. Development of innovation “Building-Plant” systems to promote the effective and efficient integration of renewable sources in construction
  3. Development of innovative construction technology and techniques to facilitate redevelopment and energy upgrading and to reduce the management and maintenance costs of our architectural heritage, particular with regards to public buildings and buildings of artistic and historical interest
  4. Development of integrated innovative systems to monitor the energy consumption of industrial and civil buildings, with a particular focus on public buildings, and the development of innovative tools and models for the management and use of building information throughout its life cycle, in order to encourage energy saving
  5. Development of technology, intelligent materials and/or innovative components for “non-structural” elements in order to improve human safety in natural or human-caused accidents



  1. To enhance industrial participation among the construction supply chain in activities organised by the Green Building department, by promoting and discussing challenging issues of strategic importance for the sector
  2. To develop case studies in the supply chain on new builds and energy redevelopment activities in existing buildings in order to meet the obligations set out in the Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB)
  3. To increase the financeability of redevelopment works for high-energy-potential buildings

Smart Energy



Water Energy