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Thursday 27 January 2022 | Hour 15:00

Webinar "Starting energy cooperation" - R-ACES Ecoregion Meetings

Don't miss the third appointment of the 4 webinars on industrial energy symbiosis projects organized within the R-ACEs project, which aims to raise awareness and promote the launch of energy cooperation projects among the stakeholders involved.

As part of the European project R-ACEs, which aims to promote the transition towards a model of industrial energy symbiosisfour thematic webinars are organized with the objective of highlighting innovative energy cooperation projects in various European countries. During the webinars companies and experts will share their experiences in order to outline barriers, advantages and current and future technological developments useful to implement virtuous projects in Europe.

The third scheduled webinar "Starting energy cooperation" will be held on the 27th of January - from 3 PM to 5 PM (CET) -  and will focused on starting up energy communities, which promote collective energy actions that foster a transition to clean energy.

The meeting will pay attention to success stories, useful tools, and obstacles related to the topic at hand.


3 PM
Starting an energy community in the Netherlands
In Meierijstad, local stakeholders try to start up an energy community. During the meeting, they will present their approach and the barriers they encountered

The Energy Management Platform
ICT-tool that makes energy flows transparent, allows energy consumption & production to be allocated to specific installations, stakeholders & nodes, and identifies anomalies & opportunities

A success story from Brussel
The Green Energy Park is a CO2-neutral, realistic testing ground equipped with a large-scale electric grid, an ultra-low temperature heat network and extensive electric mobility possibilities

16:50 PM

The event is free of charge. To register, click HERE.

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