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Thursday 31 October 2019 | Schneider Innovation Hub - via Circonvallazione Est, Stezzano (BG)

Energetic Efficiency and Digitalization: Incentives and technologies available to companies

Series of events in collaboration with ICIM and Schneider Electric on the topic "Energetic Efficiency and Digitalization"

In view of the legislative deadline for energetic diagnosis, ICIM and SCHNEIDER, under the patronage of the LE2C cluster, will present during a dedicated event the technological opportunities, the innovative solutions and the applicable incentives to implement an integrated digitalization strategy aimed towards energetic efficiency. 

According to D.Lgs 102/14, it is mandatory for big companies and for energetic companies to do an energetic diagnosis every four years. By 5 December 2019, thousands of companies will need to carry out the second diagnosis

This seemingly legal obligation actually presents itself as a valuable opportunity: indeed, an efficient diagnosis allows a reduction in energy consumption and introduces a continuous improvement process through policies aimed at a mindful use of energy. Moreover, new technologies allow the acquisition and processing of considerable amounts of data with a significant reduction of costs.

Companies will have at their disposal several incentives, tools and technologies. Digitalization and the 4.0 Industry action package can contribute to the achievement of energy and production efficiency, generating competitive advantages. 

During the meeting, some practical cases of companies that digitalized and improved the efficiency of their processes combining technologies and favourable tax arrangements will be presented as examples. 

The Workshop aims at presenting to the participants technological opportunities, innovative solutions and the applicable incentives to implement an integrated digitalization strategy aimed towards energetic efficiency. 

The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 31st, 2019 (9.00-13.00) at the Schneider Innovation Hub in Stezzano (BG) and it will include a visit to the Smart Factory


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