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Supply chain

Just under 100 affiliated companies supply – or help to supply – products and services related to the generation, distribution and efficient use of electricity, with a particular focus on cleantech, renewable energy and sustainable construction.

The Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster supply chain provides services, products, systems, engineering and innovation tech solutions for:

  • The production, transmission and distribution of conventional and renewable energy, including semi-finished and finished products. Located at the production site, our affiliates are supported by analysis and planning activities every step of the way

  • Energy efficiency and action to boost plant sustainability

  • Sustainable construction

  • Water management and treatment

Our services are more innovative than anything else currently available on the market.

Added value for clients

the chance to access a “fully prepared package” of expert companies that act as one, drawing on a well-structured network of relationships and information exchanges to reduce delivery times.

Smart Energy



Water Energy